“It takes two to tango” as the song goes.  While this is true for tango, it’s not completely true for relationships.  There are actually many things an individual can learn to do to improve the quality of a relationship, even if their partner would rather stay home and watch TV than join them in therapy!  And of course with both partners in the therapy room, marital bliss has more than a fighting chance.  Working to help people achieve better relationships is something I am passionate about, because relationship bliss shouldn’t be missed!   
Optimal Communication 
Pre-Marital Counseling and Marriage Enrichment
Resolving Marital Conflict
Trust Issues
Problem Solving as a Team
Parent Effectiveness Training 
Putting the “Spark” Back Into a Relationship 
Coping with Infidelity
Navigating Open Marriage
Step Parenting 
Divorce Adjustment and Re-Marriage
Issues with Inlaws
Mixed-Ethnicity Relationships   
When people are asked "What's the most important thing in the world to you?" the most common reply by far is "my family."  Family harmony doesn't always come naturally, but with good therapy and some patience, it CAN be achieved!   I'm interested and experienced in working with many facets of child & family therapy, especially: 
Infants and Toddlers
Children under 12
Play & Art Therapy
Childhood Depression, Anxiety, and Anger
Parent Effectiveness Training
Parenting Adult Children  

Mother ~ Baby Wellness 
~  The very first relationship in life begins even before we’re born!  A baby’s relationship to its mother.  For the baby, the quality of this relationship tends to have a profound and lasting impact.   Mothers want happy, healthy babies and a positive parenting experience. I help mothers and infants experience a joyous bond, free of excess stress.  In addition to my training as a family therapist, I formerly worked as a maternal-baby nurse and also as an infant-toddler daycare owner.  You and your baby will be in good hands!  Here are just a few of the specific challenges that Mother~ Baby Wellness Counseling can assist with: 
Preparing for Baby's Arrival
Well-being in Pregnancy and Childbirth 
Coping with a Hospitalized Infant  
Achieving a Positive Mother-Baby Bond 
Treatment for Postpartum Depression 
Parenting Infants and Toddlers
Temper Tantrums 
Adoption Adjustment
Daycare Issues 
Breastfeeding Support   

What troubles the mind eventually troubles the body, and what troubles the body eventually troubles the mind.  “Holism” is about that Mind-Body connection, and more!  It’s about paying attention to how gender, culture, ethnicity, age, and health habits influence the problem at hand.  It’s about how your relationships and life philosophy may be interacting with the problem, too.  It’s about learning to see yourself and your life and life's challenges as a  Whole.    
Stress and Anxiety
Anger Management
Freedom from Depression
Working Through Trauma 
Overcoming Insomnia and Nightmares
Coping with Illness and Pain
Mindful Living and Personal Growth
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Time Management
Setting Goals & Avoiding Procrastination
Optimizing Self Esteem and Creativity
Gaining Insight
Successful Dating
Letting Go of the Past
Work Satisfaction
Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
Suicide Prevention
Therapy for Therapists  
It's never too soon or too late to start tapping into your optimal potential! Adopt better self care habits when it comes to diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.  Learn how to set and meet personal goals related to your: 

Stress Management 

Looking to try something exciting and new?  Look no further!... I often incorporate Aromatherapy Coaching and Dreamwork into the Life & Wellness Coaching I do with my clients.  

~ Aromatherapy is a powerful and research-based alternative health care practice. It is the art and science of using the essential oils of PLANTS to optimize our emotional and physical well-being.  Let me show you how to do that safely and effectively... the only side effect is fun. 

~ Sleep is not only restorative and balancing for the body, but for the mind and emotions as well.  Reflecting on the vivid content of our dreams can be an intriguing way to gain  valuable insights. I offer a carefully designed dreamwork program that makes the process of self reflection easier and more fruitful.  In the hands of a licensed therapist, dreamwork coaching is an alternative form of therapy.  It's perfect for those who like to take an intuitive approach to life's challenges.  

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